It’s Time To Talk About Sourced Whiskey

As a comparatively recent convert to Irish whiskey, one of the more confusing things to come to terms with has been the practice of distilleries sourcing their spirit. I initially scratched my head when trying an 18-year-old from a distillery that had only started production in 2013. So how is it that something like this can be released, and what does it mean for the consumer? Sourced whiskey seems to be a widely acknowledged but seldom discussed topic.

How to be a Blender

If you want to be a blender, the key to the castle isn’t to be found in a school with curious rituals. Nor do you need a specific food science or distilling degree to blend well, although this formal training certainly won’t hold you back. Guest contributor James S shares with us some thoughts on blending from a career working at Chivas Brothers and Compass Box.