Killowen Bulcán Irish Poitín Pinot Noir Rested

Brendan Carty, the driving force behind Killowen distillery, has branded 2022 “The Year of Poitín”. Killowen has been releasing a variety of poitíns to make sure 2022 can live up to that title, including the Bulcán Part 1 and 2 in April. Dave has already reviewed Part 1, but I’ve now got my hands on the Bulcán Part 2, so it’s time to see what the other half of this release is like.

Copeland Merchants’ Quay

I first encountered Copeland’s signature blend, Merchants’ Quay, during a blind tasting Jon R hosted for the Water of Life team. It wasn’t long before I ordered a bottle. With a little further inspection, it’s clear that this whiskey deserves a more in-depth examination.